Dave Aberhart


021 783 016
[email protected]

Dave Aberhart, Mr Muscle of Russel (age 8 yrs) has kept kicking life goals. Starting at Red+White Cellar (a long time ago) as a sales rep to now leading the pack, he supports the sales team in their pursuit to be industry leaders, all the while maintaining his good looks and svelte physique (he is a master of the Gazelle and the Worm).

His devotion to his team and his brands is unquestionable, although a quick conversation is a good conversation in Dave’s book, understandably he is a busy man and doesn’t sit still for long.

As well as being loved by his team, he is well respected by the industry, being greeted more like an old friend than a work colleague.

One of his greatest loves outside of work is the ocean, taking solitude in the surf to a soundtrack of great tunes or travelling to new coastal spots to chill out with his daughter.