Brad Nolan


021 240 7198
[email protected]

An accomplished winemaker in his not-so-previous life, Brad left his gumboots and the grapes at the amazing Muddy Water Winery for a new challenge in sales. What we’ve quickly learnt is that Brad is no one-trick pony, taking the reins less than a year ago and making light work of getting to know his restaurant and retail customers in an ever changing Christchurch landscape.

When he is not talking wine or helping new establishments build stellar wine lists, he likes to be at home with his wife, children and dog; often in the kitchen cooking and always with a glass of something delicious.

Brad also enjoys dabbling in photography, taking pics mostly of the greatest loves in his life – family, food, and wine.

Tim Woodfield

Christchurch/Central South Island

027 251 6147
[email protected]

Woody joined red+white cellar following his 10year tenure working and breathing the life of a barman, transitioning into what he refers to his life now as a daywalker and is enjoying every sun filled minute of it.

Armed with the know how of the inner workings of hospitality, Woody services the growing Christchurch hospo market in the new, exciting and expanding city. Having left after the earthquakes to travel the world, he is loving being home and part of the vibrant pulse that’s back with a vengeance.

The new work/life balance has given Woody time to enjoy hobbies, snowboarding in the winter, mountain biking in the summer, playing board games and drinking wine with friends all year round.